IBA Arb40 Workshop at the SCC

On 3 June 2019, IBA Arb40 Sub-committee will organise, in cooperation with the SCC, the IBA Arb40 Toolkit for Award Writing Training Programme in Stockholm, Sweden.

The IBA Arb40 Toolkit offer practical guidance and tips for getting started, and writing, a reasoned and enforceable award. During the training, participants will receive hands-on training from both international and Swedish instructors. Participants will be divided into smaller groups and review a hypothetical award and the underlying papers, such as summary witness statements, a hearing summary or outlines of procedural events. The aim is to present a view on the discovered flaws in the award, and redrafting or outlining corrected award sections.

The training programme is a half-day event starting with lunch, then training, followed by a cocktail and light meal hosted by the SCC. The refreshment break and evening cocktail reception will be sponsored by Baker McKenzie.


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