Future challenges for arbitration addressed in Madrid

SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson participated in a panel titled “National and international Arbitration Institutions. Trends. It’s time to appoint an Arbitration Court.”

The round table gathered representatives of the main arbitral institutions worldwide to address the most relevant issues of the current institutional arbitration. Annette Magnusson talked about the challenges that arbitral institutions meet in today’s complex and interconnected world, the need to adapt in a rapidly changing landscape. In that context she introduced the SCC Platform, launching in September 2019, a secure digital platform for communication and file sharing in SCC Arbitrations. She also addressed the SCC guiding principles applied when appointing arbitrators.


Annette speaks about the principles the SCC is guided by during appointment of arbitrators.
Courtesy of the Arbitration Open.

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Photographs courtesy of the Arbitration Open.

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