4th Annual GAR Live Stockholm

On 21 May 2019, the SCC and Global Arbitration Review is delighted to once again welcome you to this full-day event in Stockholm, where we will explore the leading issues in international arbitration.

The conference will consist of four sessions in which panelists will explore; how to get the right chemistry when choosing an arbitral tribunal and whether main hearings are too short. The GAR Live symposium will offer the audience an exclusive opportunity to propose questions in advance for general discussion with GAR Live chairs James Hope (Partner with Vinge in Stockholm), and Jakob Ragnwaldh (SCC Vice chairperson and Partner with Mannheimer Swartling, Hong Kong). In The GAR Live Inquisition a succession of witnesses will be “grilled” by a panel of GAR Live inquisitors on the topic: is oral advocacy overrated?

SCC Legal Counsel Anja Ipp will participate in the first session on "How to get the right chemistry when choosing a tribunal". The keynote will be by Professor Catherine Rogers (Professor of Ethics, Regulation and the Rule of Law at Queen Mary University of London) and the Chairs´ closing remarks will be by James Hope.

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SCC-SAA conference on the revised Swedish Arbitration Act

The day before, on 20 May 2019, the SCC and the Swedish Arbitration Association will host a half-day conference about the revised Swedish Arbitration Act and the latest developments in Swedish practice.

Read more about the SCC-SAA event on 20th May here

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