SCC releases statistics for 2017

The SCC registered 200 new cases in 2017, marking the third-highest caseload since the SCC was founded in 1917. International disputes accounted for 96 of the new cases—approximately half the caseload—with parties from 40 countries represented. Of the newly registered cases, 108 were filed under the SCC Arbitration Rules, and 72 under the SCC Rules for Expedited Arbitrations.

In 2017, eight new investment treaty arbitration were registered by the SCC, bringing the SCC’s total number of investment disputes to 98. Six of the investment arbitrations commenced in 2017 were initiated under the Arbitration Rules, one under the UNCITRAL rules, and one was an emergency proceeding.

The SCC received three applications for appointment of an emergency arbitrator in 2017, compared to 13 in 2016. Arbitrators were appointed within 24 hours in all three cases, and the median time for rendering an emergency decision was 6.5 days from referral.

Statistics regarding the appointed arbitrators show that 37% of the arbitrators appointed by the SCC Board were women, an increase from 22.5% in 2016. Of the arbitrators appointed by the parties in 2017, only 8% were women, a decrease from 11% in 2016.

Regarding the arbitral awards rendered in 2017, the following can be observed: Under the Arbitration Rules, 28% of awards were rendered within 6 months of referral, 44% within 6-12 months; under the Expedited Rules, 54% of awards were rendered within 3 months, and 38% within 3-6 months of referral.

The total amount in dispute of the cases commenced in 2017 reached more than EUR 1.5 billion.

See the complete statistics here.

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