Report from GAR Live Stockholm 2018

Last week, the 3rd Annual Gar Live was held at the SCC premises in Stockholm. As previous years, the event was well-attended and offered interesting discussions with leading practitioners about for example due process paranoia, writings of arbitral awards, and legal experts vs. submissions.

The event was chaired by James Hope, partner at Vinge, and Mannheimer Swartling partner Jakob Ragnwaldh.

The first panel, led by Gavin Denton of Arbitration Chambers, Hong Kong, explored the question whether arbitrators were suffering from due process paranoia. Panelists agreed that this might be the case to a certain degree, as arbitrators were concerned that their awards might be set aside on due process grounds. They further emphasized the importance of striking the balance between due process and the need for a speedy arbitration, which in practice was not always easy to do.

The second session was the GAR Live symposium in Tylney Hall format, led by James Hope and Jakob Ragnwaldh. Questions from the audience generated discussions on topics like evidentiary hearing, cross-institution consolidation of arbitral proceedings, and investor-state arbitration in Europe after Achmea.

After lunch, Philippe Pinsolle from Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, addressed the hot topic of GDPR and its impact on arbitration practice in his key note speech.

Session three lifted the question on how to write an arbitral award. Claes Lundblad (Lundblad & Zettermarck) led the panel who discussed variations in styles of awards, and different views on how the writing of an award could be done.

In the final session – The GAR Live Inquistition – a panel of witnesses and inquisitors debated if there is a use for legal experts in international arbitration, or if they should make submissions instead, or both?

The event was sponsored by the SCC, Vinge  and Mannheimer & Svartling. It was further supported by Lindahl, Norburg & Scherp, Stephenson Harwood, and Young Arbitrators Sweden.


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The SCC and Global Arbitration Review welcome you to the 4th Annual GAR Live in Stockholm 


Photo credit: Joe Almond Visuals/ GAR Live

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