Mediation seminar with Antonio Piazza and Frank Vecella

What obstacles typically get in the way of direct negotiations between the parties to a dispute? How does this dynamic change during mediation? These are some of the questions that were addressed in Stockholm 28 May.

The seminar was a unique opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading mediators, Anthony Piazza, break down a mediation model that he has applied successfully for almost 40 years of mediating high-stakes disputes. The interactive format also allowed participants to share and discuss their own experiences of mediation and alternative dispute resolution, says SCC Legal Counsel Anja Håvedal-Ipp.

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Antonio Piazza is recognized as one of the world’s leading mediators. Since 1980, he has successfully mediated the resolution of more than 4,000 disputes, including high-profile cases involving leading companies, business leaders, and law firms.

Frank Vecella is a partner in the U.S. law firm of McKool Smith, where his practice focuses on commercial and intellectual property litigation. He previously spent 16 years in the in-house legal department of Ericsson, where he was responsible for managing the company’s litigation. Mr. Vecella has tried dozens of jury and bench trials and participated as counsel in well over 500 mediations.

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