Four institutions share experiences "Not in the Rules"

How do you accommodate agreements by the parties which entail changes to institutional rules? Where do you draw the line? And how do you ensure that arbitrators really have the time needed to devote to a case? These were some of the questions addressed at the seminar Not in the Rules in Stockholm on 8 November 2018.

In an interactive discussion moderated by Robin Oldenstam (partner, Mannheimer Swartling), the four secretary generals Stefano Azzali (Camera Arbitrale Milan CAM), Alice Fremouth-Wolf (Vienna International Arbitral Centre VIAC), Francesca Mazza (German Institute for Arbitration DIS) and Annette Magnusson (SCC) shared experiences from handling case management situations not addressed by the rules.

The discussion focused on situations associated with the appointment and performance of arbitrators, different principles in response to mixed clauses, emerging practices relating to third party funding, and other questions raised by the audience.

The seminar in Stockholm marked the fourth occasion on which CAM, DIS, VIAC and SCC came together to address the topic Not in the Rules. Previous events have been held in Vienna, Berlin and Milan.

A new joint tour by the four institutions on another topic will start in 2019. More information will be available in the beginning of next year.

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