Chinese and Nordic arbitration experts gathered at the SCC

On 18 June 2018, arbitration experts from China, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland gathered at the SCC as part of the Nordic Summit on Commercial Dispute Resolution in China, organized by the Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center.

About the Nordic Summit
China has become an increasingly important trade partner for the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. As more trade can result in more disputes, the conference seeked to gather perspectives about the development of dispute resolution both in China and in the Nordic countries. Around eighty people participated at the conference at the SCC premises in Stockholm, which mostly consisted of arbitration practitioners and academia from Europe and China.

Arbitration experts from China presented their papers on arbitration in China in sectors such as energy, construction and finance as well as the development of mediation in the country. Panelists from the Nordic countries, in turn, commented on the presentations while at the same time shared their experience in the Nordic jurisdiction.

The sessions
In the first session, the panelists addressed the development of regulations and jurisprudence in China that deal with arbitration. The discussion continued on how to make arbitration in China more familiar for parties from the Nordics.

The panelists in the session about mediation agreed that China has a longstanding culture of settling disputes amicably, which other countries could learn from. The speaker in the session, Mr Fei Ning, explained some innovations in mediation that have been introduced in China. The panelists then addressed some procedural issues in mediation, for example the enforceability of mediation clause.

The complexity of energy projects was the focus of the panel about arbitration in the energy sector and a debate followed on how dispute resolution could accommodate this particular situation. Along the same line, the panelists in the next session shared their experience about challenges faced in arbitration that dealt with complex construction projects, for example ship construction and Engineering-Procurement-Construction. 

Finally, in the last session, the panelists lifted out that there has been an explosion of financial disputes in China due to economy slowdown and tremendous expansion of the financial market, and a discussion followed on how this has affected the development dispute resolution. 

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