Advocacy in International Arbitration the theme of the Swedish Arbitration Days 2018

On 6–7 September 2018 the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA) will host its biennial international conference Swedish Arbitration Days. The event attracts leading international and Swedish experts, representatives and arbitrators to discuss different areas of arbitration. This year's topic is Advocacy in International Arbitration.

From the program:

6 September:

- Strategy in Written Advocacy. In the first panel, written submissions are discussed from a strategic perspective and how they can influence a party's actions. Written advocacy is particularly important in international arbitration.

- Best practices in Written Advocacy. This panel will discuss three important written submissions, each of them offering an opportunity to win over the tribunal: the statement of claim/defense, the skeleton arguments, and the post-hearing brief.

- The Client's Witnesses. Examples of questions that will be discussed are: Can anyone be called as a witness? Are there any restrictions on who you are allowed to approach as a potential witness? How do you prepare your witness for the hearing as a whole and specifically for cross-examination?

- The Opposing Party's Witnesses. Cross-examining hostile witnesses is considered by some to be an art in itself. How should counsel prepare for the cross-examination? Do you contact the opposing party’s witness in advance, and are you even allowed to do so? In this context, there may be major differences between civil law and common law jurisdictions.

7 September:

- Use of Rhetoric in Hearings. Discussion on the role of rhetoric in arbitration. Can rhetoric have a direct and decisive significance for the outcome of arbitration and if so, how can it be used to achieve the best possible results?

- Using Your Airtime Wisely at Hearings: What to focus on and what to leave out. The panel will discuss how to focus the tribunal’s attention in opening and closing statements on what really matters for the determination of the dispute. How is time spent efficiently, and what should you not say and do? The panel will also discusses the importance of adapting the various parts of the hearing to the expectations of the tribunal.

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