The SCC Centennial: Luncheon with SWAN and ArbitralWomen

In connection with the SCC’s Centennial celebrations, ArbitralWomen, SWAN and Roschier jointly organized a panel discussion on the topic unconscious bias.

SWAN Board members Sandra Hein Kaznova (Hammarskiöld & Co) and Pamela Lannerheim Angergård (Ramberg) welcomed the ca. 90 participants who attended the event. They then left the floor to Finnish arbitrator Carita Wallgren-Lindhom (Lindholm Wallgren Attorneys), who shared with the audience anecdotes gathered over her many years of experience as arbitrator in the Nordics.

Gisela Knuts and Eva Storskrubb (Roschier) continued the discussion by presenting statistics on gender imbalance in arbitrator appointments and in the legal profession in general. SCC’s Vice Chairperson Patricia Shaughnessy moderated a lively panel discussion between Christopher Boog (Schellenberg Wittmer), Jason Fry (Clifford Chance), Mark Lawrence (Macfarlanes) and SCC’s Board member Andrea Menaker (White & Case).  

The panellists shared their views and recommended solutions to address unconscious bias, from the gender and from the broader scope of diversity. An important point discussed is that while firms seem to be failing in retaining female talent, with partner positions being dominated by men, women seem to dominate the positions in arbitral institutions. The panellists highlighted the importance of not letting the appearance of “gender roles” be created within the arbitral profession. The event was generously sponsored by Roschier. 

After the event concluded, the attendees continued to the SCC’s film premiere of the “Quiet Triumph: How arbitration changed the world” at Rigoletto cinema, followed by a gala dinner at Stockholm Waterfront

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SWAN has organized a seminar on techniques for examination of witnesses. The event will be held in Stockholm (in Swedish), it is free of charge and open for men and women.
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Photos by: Staffan Westerlund

Luncheon with SWAN and ArbitralWomen

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