The Quiet Triumph: Official Launch

The Quiet Triumph: How Arbitration Changed the World was officially launched on 24 February in Stockholm. At the same time, the movie is now available for free streaming.

The official launch took place at Grand Cinema in Stockholm and was a collaboration between the SCC and Miltton Labs. The documentary movie, directed by Martin Borgs, was produced as part of the centennial celebration of the SCC in January 2017. It tells stories about how international arbitration has contributed to global trade and peaceful resolution of conflicts between states. A neutral arena to solve disputes, both between states and between companies, is even more important in times of increased polarization.

At the launch, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson and Martin Borgs emphasised the importance of telling the success stories about international arbitration. Meanwhile, a European Parliamentarian, Christofer Fjellner, addressed the relation between international arbitration and global trade.

The audience consisted of mostly politicians, opinion builders and journalists.

A world tour of the movie will follow soon, among others in Russia, China and the United States.

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