The Centennial Symposium: Arbitrating for Peace

On the second day of the SCC Centennial celebration, a symposium and book launch was held on the topic “Arbitrating for Peace”. A distinguished panel of experts addressed the role of international arbitration in the peaceful resolution of international disputes.

Panel members were Dr. Nabil Elaraby (Egypt), Former Secretary General of the League of the Arab States; Ms. Lisa J. Grosh (United States), Assistant Legal Adviser at the US State Department; Dr. Mojtaba Kazazi (Iran), Former Head of the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC); and Judge Abdulqawi A. Yusuf (Somalia), Vice President of the International Court of Justice.

Moderated by Prof. Ove Bring (Sweden), the panel discussed past examples of peaceful dispute resolution through arbitration, and analyzed expectations for the future. The discussion also touched upon the challenges for international arbitration, and other options for using legal norms to achieve sustainable peaceful resolutions of disputes.

Using examples from the book Arbitrating for Peace, Prof. Dr. Maxi Scherer of Queen Mary University presented an overview of different situations and disputes where arbitration contributed to constructive and peaceful resolution.

Ambassador Marie Jacobsson introduced the Swedish Women’s Mediation Network – a new dispute resolution initiative by the Swedish government.

Dr. Nabil Elaraby (Egypt), gave a first-hand account of the Taba Arbitration between Israel and Egypt, and Dr. Mojtaba Kazazi (Iran) shared his experiences from the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal. The two case studies were introduced by Ms. Kirsten Teo-Delalay (Singapore/Switzerland) and Ms. Veranika Buracheuskaya (Belarus/Russia), both students in Stockholm University’s Masters program in International Commercial Arbitration Law.

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The Centennial Symposium: Arbitrating for Peace

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