Stockholm Treaty Lab – what’s next?

Registration to compete for the Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize closed on 31 October 2017. What happens next?

By the closing of registration, forty-two teams have registered to compete for the Prize. The Stockholm Treaty Lab page on the HeroX platform has attracted more than 250 individual innovators, representing twenty-five countries on four continents.

During the registration period, innovators interested in competing for the Prize had the chance to build their teams with others possessing the necessary skills, such as international law and climate science. Building a multidisciplinary team was a foreseen challenge, but it has now been proven that it could be done.

The registered teams will now start the drafting process. The submission is to consist of three parts: the text of the Model Treaty, argumentation demonstrating how the Model Treaty meets the assessment criteria, and a brief introduction of the contestant team.

The registered teams will have four months to complete their drafting process before the deadline for submission on 28 February 2018. After the deadline, the jury is to start the judging process to decide which Model Treaty best meets the assessment criteria.

The result will be announced in May 2018. The winning team will be given the opportunity to present their Model Treaty at a United Nations General Assembly side event in New York in September 2018.

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