Stockholm Treaty Lab collaborates with HeroX

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is an innovation contest and a part of the SCC’s work which aims to align international arbitration to a sustainable future. The Lab now collaborates with HeroX in running the competition in 2017.

The idea behind the Treaty Lab is inspired by the apparent need of enormous cross-border investments to address climate change challenges – among others in renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid and sustainable agriculture. However, no international instrument is specifically directed towards promoting and increasing these very investments.

At the Lab, welcome knowledgeable, inspired and forward-looking teams from all relevant disciplines to draft an international treaty aiming to boost green investment. A grand prize will be awarded to the team that drafts the most innovative and workable treaty.

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize will be included as one of the challenges on HeroX. HeroX is a platform in which challenges can be created to solve different problems – and innovators from all over the world can compete to present a breakthrough innovation.

The Stockholm Treaty Lab website will be pre-launched in the coming week,


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