SCC in Berlin

The SCC will be in Berlin on 19 -20 September 2017 to participate at the DIS autumn conference and a seminar with three other arbitral institutions.

The German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) autumn conference this year takes the theme of Evolution – Innovation – Disruption: Changes in the field of international dispute resolution. SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will speak in a panel which will address “How do innovators solve dispute today?” together with representatives from the industry on 20 September.

The day before, Ms Magnusson will also speak at a seminar as an additional event to this conference, which is a collaboration between the SCC, DIS, Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM) and Vienna International Arbitration Center (VIAC). The seminar will discuss issues that may arise in arbitration that are not covered in arbitration rules. In May, the four arbitral institutions organized similar event in Vienna.

A public screening of The Quiet Triumph: How Arbitration Changed the World will follow at the same day.

See the full program for the autumn conference here.

See the program for the joint seminar here.

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