Official launch of Gunnar Lagergren's Biography

On 16 May 2017, around 70 guests attended the official launch of Gunnar Lagergren’s biography, Skiljedomens ädla konst – internationell domare för handel, fred och mänskliga rättigheter. SCC hosted the event and among the guests were Sweden-based legal experts, members of the Lagergren family as well as Jan Eliasson, the former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.

SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson opened the event by introducing the idea behind the book as well as the author, Anders Johnson. Mr Johnson is a well-renowned Swedish author and has written many books on other important Swedish figures. Ms Magnusson also spoke about how the life of Mr Lagergren and his wife Nina was an inspiration for the movie The Quiet Triumph – How Arbitration Changed the World and how important Mr Lagergren was in making Sweden a top tier country in international arbitration.

SCC Chairperson Kaj Hobér spoke about his experience of working with Mr Lagergren in several occasions. He especially mentioned the Taba case where Mr Lagergren chaired the arbitration that resulted in a peaceful settlement in a long and complex border conflict between Egypt and Israel.

Bengt Lagergren, the son of Mr Lagergren, ended the seminar with his speech about  how the book has given the family new knowledge about his father, and that they were very happy that the SCC and Mr Johnson made it possible to document the life of his father and share it with the public.

The book is now available at Adlibris and Akademibokhandeln.

Buy the book here.

Read Kaj Hobérs in memoriam on Gunnar Lagergren here.

See pictures below: Photo: Therese Jahnson

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