Now available: Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize on HeroX

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is now included as one of the challenges on HeroX. The competition will be run through this crowdsourcing platform.

HeroX is a crowdsourcing platform where thousands of innovators compete to solve different challenges, ranging from inventing a new form of clean technology to creating the best first ten-minute experience for children in hospitals.

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is now in the pre-launch/pre-registration stage that will be ongoing until 31 May 2017. In this stage, interested innovators can create a profile on HeroX and express their interest by following the Treaty Lab page (click the star button). Most importantly, by creating a profile on HeroX, interested innovators will be part of the crowd and this will make it possible for them to look for people with different expertise in order to form a team.  

Registration will be open from 1 June 2017 until 1 September through the HeroX website, and submissions can also be made there. The deadline for submissions is 1 December 2017 and the winner will be announced in the same month, 

See the Treaty Lab page on HeroX here. 


About the Prize

Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is an SCC initiative in form of an innovation contest. The challenge is to draft the most workable and effective international treaty that, if implemented, has the potential to increase foreign investments in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

 See more about Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize on the website here.

Follow the Facebook page here. 



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