Meet one of the contestant teams: the third story

The registration to compete at the Stockholm Treaty Lab was closed by the end of October. Now the teams are working with their submissions. See the story of one of them here.

Friends of Green Investments is the third team whose stories published here. The team consists of four team members from Switzerland, China and the Netherlands that represent expertise in international law and sustainability science. More specifically, the team brings experience of working in developing countries such as African countries. They met through different conferences and sustainability networks.

When asked about their inspiration in taking up the challenge at Stockholm Treaty Lab, they told the SCC:

“Green investment is urgently needed for a transition to a low-carbon economy, in particular for developing countries which face enormous investment gaps. The international investment treaty regime could play a galvanizing and reinforcing role through facilitating, promoting and protecting green investments while providing regulatory space for countries to implement climate change measures.”

The team members:

  1. Xiaoyue Du (Chinese) is Chief Sustainability Officer at a food technology start-up in Zurich, specializing in environmental science and sustainability. She holds a PhD in Environmental Science from Yale University.
  1. Dimitrij Euler (Swiss) is an international investment law expert. He conducts risk assessments and develops clean energy projects mostly for clients in Africa. He holds a PhD in International Investment Law from the University of Basel. 
  1. Peter Lunenborg (Dutch) is a seasoned policy advisor and treaty negotiator in the area of international trade and investment at a Geneva-based intergovernmental organization of developing countries.
  1. Wei Zhuang (Chinese) is a Geneva-based international lawyer specializing on international law matters and WTO dispute settlement proceedings. She holds a PhD in International Law (Geneva) and an LL.M in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS).

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