Meet one of the contestant teams: The first story

As of today, seventeen teams have registered to compete at the Stockholm Treaty Lab. In series of news stories on this website, SCC will write about the contestants and their inspirations.

The first story is Jose Mata’s team, which is the largest team so far with seventeen team members. They represent a wide range of expertise, from international law to applied physics and geology. Different regions are also represented, from Europe to South America.

Forming a multi-disciplinary team is part of the challenge in the competition. But by reaching out to different networks, finding talents in universities and on HeroX’s innovator map, this team proved that the task can be done.

When asked about their inspiration in taking up this challenge, they referred to the report by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on the projection of global carbon dioxide emissions for 2011-2025. “Our ambition is to put our two cents in the fight against climate change and give us encouragement that tomorrow will be better,” they told the SCC.

Read more about Stockholm Treaty Lab here.


Team members:

  1. Alexandra Markidou, Lawyer and LL.M Candidate in International Commercial Arbitration Law at Stockholm University 
  2. Bogdan-Florin Nae, Lawyer, Junior Associate at RTPR Allen & Overy
  3. Brian Chang, Researcher, University of Oxford. LL.M.  Summa cum laude in International and Comparative Law, The George Washington University Law School
  4. Gabriel Perez, Engineer / MSc Eng Geology, UK - EMEM Energy Management, Norway
  5. Georgios Stathis, LL.M. in International Trade and Investment Law at University of Amsterdam
  6. Irene del Carmen, Master in Applied Physics at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven 
  7. Ivaylo Dimitrov, LL.M, Suma Cum Laudem, at George Washington University Law School, Research Assistant for Charles Brower, Fulbright scholar and winner of best memorial for Jessup.
  8. Jasmin Schmeidler, Lawyer and Ph.D. Summa cum laude at Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II) 
  9. Jorge Luis Chacon Solar, Economist and Master in Oil and Gas Management Economics at Novosibirsk State University (NSU)
  10. José Rafael Mata Dona, Arbitrator & Mediator Lawyer and LL.M in European and International Law at Université catholique de Louvain 
  11. Liana Stoica, Lawyer at PeliFilip SCA and LL.B at University of Bucharest
  12. Meglena Antonova / LL.M in Public International Law at the University of Oslo
  13. Mike Pilgrem, Senior Managing Director, Economic and Financial Consulting at FTI Consulting
  14. Nikos Lavranos, Counsel and arbitrator and Dr+LLM in European and International law at Maastricht University
  15. Richard Edwards, Senior Managing Director in FTI's London office specializing in the quantification of damages in disputes
  16. Théophile Keïta, LLM Candidate at Queen Mary University of London
  17. Monica Feria-Tinta, barrister at 20 Essex Street Chambers in London, specialising in Public International Law and international arbitration, including in the energy sector.
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