Kluwer Arbitration Blog: Seven years of SCC emergency proceeding

In a post on Kluwer Arbitration Blog, SCC’s Anja Havedal Ipp summarizes the emergency arbitrator proceeding at the SCC.

SCC was one of the first institutions to provide for emergency arbitrator proceedings in its rules. Since its introduction seven years ago, the SCC has seen almost 30 applications for the appointment of an emergency arbitrator.

In an emergency arbitrator proceeding, time is of the essence. The blog post explains the number of days it has taken for the SCC to appoint an emergency arbitrator and for the emergency arbitrator to render a decision on interim measure.  

The SCC Rules do not specify the grounds or conditions for interim relief, however the blog post breaks down a set of factors that have crystalized and are now commonly accepted as prerequisites for granting interim relief.

Read the blog post here.

Read SCC practice note on emergency arbitrator here.

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