Just published: SCC Policy on Appointment of Arbitrators

The SCC has just published its Policy on Appointment of Arbitrators, which lists the factors taken into consideration when the SCC Board appoints arbitrators in SCC arbitrations. Although the policy is now published for the first time, it has been followed by the Board since 2006.

Under the SCC Arbitration Rules, the SCC Board typically appoints tribunal chairpersons and sole arbitrators unless the parties agree and manage to appoint jointly. The Rules mention factors for the SCC Board to consider when making such appointments. The recently published SCC Policy on Appointment of Arbitrators provides a more detailed explanation of such factors.

Among the factors considered by the board are the appointee’s experience as an arbitrator, legal expertise, and nationality. The Board also looks to tribunal balance, applicable law and seat of arbitration.

Read the SCC Policy on Appointment of Arbitrators here.

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