Hundreds of innovators at Stockholm Treaty Lab

More than two hundred innovators have signed up at Stockholm Treaty Lab from nearly all continents and more than twenty countries, making it a truly global competition.

As of today, more than thirty teams have registered to compete at Stockholm Treaty Lab. In addition, more than two hundred individual innovators have also signed up their interests to participate in the competition, some of them have already established a team and some are still looking for team members. These individuals are listed in the innovators map on the HeroX page.

Through the SCC network and collaboration with HeroX, the crowdsourcing platform, the competition has reached innovators from all corners of the world. The innovators map shows that the individual innovators represent nearly all continents and at least twenty-five countries. 

From Sweden to South Korea, U.S to Romania, Georgia to New Zealand, the innovators bring not only different skills, but also perspectives from countries with different legal culture and investment needs. The innovators map is also a great tool to find team members with necessary expertise. The countries represented in the innovators map include:

Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Korea, China, United States, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand.

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