How do you compete at the Stockholm Treaty Lab?

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is organised together with HeroX, a crowdsourcing platform where thousands of innovators compete to solve different challenges. Registration and submissions are to be made through this platform. Here’s how to compete in this competition.

Information about Stockholm Treaty Lab can be found on two main sources, the first is the website, and the page on HeroX. The website provides detailed information on the background of the competition, the advisory board, the jury as well as different publications that contestants can take inspiration from when drafting the submission.

The Stockholm Treaty Lab page on HeroX, on the other hand, provides for registration and submission forms. Teams or individuals who are interested in competing should first create a profile on HeroX and it is encouraged to write a short description about themselves and their expertise. Further, they can register themselves for the competition by clicking on “Accept the Challenge” on the page.

All teams and individuals who have registered are visible under “Community” on the page. This will allow teams to find potential team members with the necessary expertise.

Once the registration period is over, a form of submission will be published on the page and teams can start making submissions. The submission is to include three parts, as mentioned here.

The submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of experts in international law, economics and climate science.  

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About the competition

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is expected to attract multi-disciplinary teams from all over the globe. The teams will compete in drafting a model treaty with the greatest potential to increase green investments. The winning solution will be presented in a high-level forum on a global level.


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