Arbitrating for Peace in New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer

A review of the book Arbitrating for Peace is published in the latest edition of New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer. The review highlights that the book brings history of international arbitration to life.

Arbitrating for Peace is an SCC initiative and published as part of SCC’s centennial celebration. Each chapter is devoted to different international landmark arbitration cases – primarily state-to-state but also including commercial disputes with geopolitical dimensions – and showcases how arbitration has resolved disputes in cases regarding for example potential escalation of armed conflict.

Edna Sussman, mediator and arbitrator, wrote a review of the book in New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer, which is published by the New York State Bar Association. Ms Sussman wrote:

“The book should be of interest not only to those fascinated by historical events, but also those interested in arbitration and the important role it has played over the decades in promoting peace.”

“It can only be hoped that world leaders will seize upon opportunities to engage in arbitration and other amicable dispute resolution processes, as have those in the conflicts featured in the book, to resolve even seemingly intractable conflicts.”

Read the review here.

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