Arbitrating business-related human rights disputes

International experts propose the use of international arbitration to resolve disputes arising from human rights abuse involving business. A newly-published paper explains the proposal further.

The proposal came from the Working Group on International Arbitration of Business and Human Rights. It notes that existing judicial systems in many parts of the world are often seen as inadequate to deal with business and human rights abuse. In their view, arbitration can be used by victims to obtain remedies. 

After the proposal was published, the Working Group has further engaged in a three-year consultation period involving a wide range of stakeholders. The paper addresses principal questions during this consultation period, among others:

  1. How could the victims of business-related human rights abuses become involved in arbitration?
  2. Where would the arbitration take place?
  3. Are revised arbitration rules needed to enable the arbitration?

Read the paper here.

The SCC organized a seminar on this topic in March this year. Read about the seminar here.

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