2016 Statistics Unveiled

2016 has proven to be another strong year for the SCC. In this year, the SCC administered 199 cases, which is the third highest caseload since the SCC was founded in 1917.

The SCC presents significantly more statistics for 2016 compared to the years before. Among the new statistics is the gender balance in arbitrator appointment and amount in dispute.

Here are some highlights of the 2016 statistics:

- Total amount in dispute of the cases commenced in 2016 reached more than EUR 1.6 billion.

- Parties from 44 countries are represented in the cases.

- From 1993 to 2016, the SCC has administered a total of 92 investment disputes, where 67 of them used the          SCC Arbitration Rules.

- There were 13 Emergency Arbitrators’ proceedings, in all proceedings the Emergency Arbitrator was              appointed within 24 hours.

-  In the majority of cases administered under the Expedited Rules, the award was rendered within 3 – 6 months (55% of the cases). 

See the complete statistics here.

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