VIDEO: Annette Magnusson’s speech “Changing the Conversation”

SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson was one of the speakers discussing the current situation and development of international arbitration at the Kluwer Arbitration event in London last year. The video of the speech by Ms. Magnusson has just been released and is available below.

In her speech, delivered in the opening session at the Kluwer event in October 2015, Ms. Magnusson addressed politics, climate change and the importance of international arbitration for meeting the challenges ahead. She noted for example:

“Let’s not forget that international arbitration has made important contributions to international relations, including the relationships between states, both in strictly geopolitical contexts, and in commercial disputes with – or without – geopolitical driving forces. […] International conflicts have been offered a constructive avenue for resolution - in the absence of arms – thanks to the mechanisms we know as international arbitration. In different forms, but all accepted by the international community. This is important.”

See the speech here (Video)

Ms. Magnusson has previously addressed this area in this post at the Kluwer Arbitration Blog.

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