The SCC looks forward with new Rules in 2017

The continuous efforts of the SCC to provide innovative and cost and time efficient arbitration to the international business community will manifest itself next year with new SCC Rules expected to come into effect on 1 January 2017.

In September 2014 the SCC established a Committee for the revision of its rules and practices. The last comprehensive revision of the SCC Rules was in 2007. 20 members from the domestic and international arbitration communities and in-house counsel contribute with their ideas and expertise to the valuable work carried out under the chairmanship of Mr Jakob Ragnwaldh, Partner at Mannheimer Swartling and member of the SCC Board. 

Considering the particular types of disputes brought before the SCC, the Rules were initially revised by three specialized Sub-Committees with a focus on the Arbitration Rules, the Rules for Expedited Arbitrations and investment disputes, respectively. 18 months down the line, the work of the Revision Committee is drawing nearer to a close and the SCC is expecting to invite the international arbitration community to comment on the draft proposal later in the spring (“remiss”). The remiss will be followed up with a hearing at the SCC on 9 June.

What will be revised?

The draft SCC Rules include the introduction of provisions on multi-party disputes and multi-claims, as well as on the use of administrative secretaries by arbitral tribunals. Procedural changes to the commencement of arbitrations under the Rules for Expedited Arbitrations are proposed to further enhance the efficiency and the expeditiousness of this procedure. Other initiatives to promote efficiency have been incorporated into the SCC Rules, e.g. through case management provisions for a more efficient conduct of the arbitration, and the possibility to request the Arbitral Tribunal to decide one or more issues of fact or law by way of a summary procedure.

The new SCC Rules are expected to come into effect on 1 January 2017, subject to the approval of both the SCC Board and the Board of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Deputy Secretary General Ms. Kristin Campbell-Wilson and Legal Counsel Ms. Celeste Salinas Quero sit on the Revision Committee on behalf of the SCC. 

The SCC Rules Revision Committee

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