The SCC Board in Session

The SCC Board meets regularly to take decisions on SCC cases and to discuss SCC practices. Board members often call into the meeting, but once per year the entire Board travels to Stockholm to meet in person. On the meeting on 10 June 2016, the discussion revolved to a large extent around the draft SCC rules and the many comments that were received during the rules revision consultation period.

Sixteen members from eight different countries form the SCC Board. The members of the Board are all highly qualified and distinguished experts in international commercial dispute resolution.

The Board meets on a regularly basis to take decisions required under the SCC Rules, including decisions regarding prima facie jurisdiction, appointment of arbitrators, challenge to arbitrators and the arbitration costs. The very active participation of the SCC Board members in the SCC decision making process under the SCC Rules is one of the hallmarks of SCC arbitration.  

The Board of Directors of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce appoint the SCC Board Members for a period of three years. Each Board Member may be re-appointed for one further three year period. 

 Members of the SCC Board

 Find more information on the SCC’s organization in App. I in the SCC Rules


The SCC Board in Session

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