The Arbitrating for Peace Symposium

On 20 January 2017, the SCC organises the symposium Arbitrating for Peace - a high-level discussion focusing on successful peaceful dispute resolution. The full program and list of speakers will be released shortly, but the SCC can already present two prominent names; the former Secretary General of the League of the Arab States Dr. Nabil Elaraby, and Vice-President of the International Court of Justice, H.E. Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf.

The symposium is part of the SCC Centennial celebrations taking place 19-20 January 2017.Read more and register for the Centennial here

The starting point of the symposium is the success of the commonly agreed principles of disputes resolution we know as international arbitration, which demonstrates the power of shared objectives for the greater good. The United Nations has been a strong driving force in carving out the fundamentals of international arbitration. The New York Convention adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1958, safeguarding the enforcement of international arbitral awards, was early on described by members of the international community as “a constructive step towards facilitating international trade, and ultimately towards higher standards of living and so towards general peace and prosperity”.

This round table discussion is intended to examine the driving forces of this development, with a particular focus on successful peaceful dispute resolution in recent history. The purpose is also to explore the potential of international arbitration to make meaningful contributions to meet global challenges ahead, including issues related to international trade and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

See the program here 

The SCC is delighted to welcome Dr. Nabil Elaraby, the former Secretary General of the League of the Arab States, H.E. Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and Dr. Mojtaba Kazazi, former Executive Head of the United Nations Compensation Commission as speakers at the symposium.

Bio: Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf

Bio: Dr. Nabil Elaraby

Bio: Dr. Mojtaba Kazazi

More speakers will be added over the next month.

Book launch: Arbitrating for Peace

The symposium will coincide with the publishing of the book Arbitrating for Peace - How Arbitration Made a Difference; a publication demonstrating how international arbitration has effectively been used to overcome cultural, economic and geopolitical differences.

Read more and order the book online

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