TDM special issue: “Three Centuries of Arbitration for Peace"

"Three Centuries of Arbitration for Peace", TDM special issue (3) 2016 with a foreword by SCC:s Annette Magnusson, was recently published. The issue features four articles by the young lawyers Mr. Andrew Foo, Mr. Dmytro Galagan, Ms. Kendra Magraw and Mr. João Ilhão Moreira.

In 2014 the SCC began planning the publication of "Arbitrating for Peace" (due to be published by Kluwer in January 2017). A writing competition was announced for one of the book's chapters. Many talented young professionals from all over the world participated. Ms. R. Jade Harry was announced as the winner, and her chapter on the Brčko Arbitration will be included in the book, which will be. published in conjunction with the SCC centennial celebration in January 2017.

However, he editors of the book found that publishing only one of the received high-quality submissions did not seem enough. It was therefore decided, with the kind co-operation of the TDM editorial team, that the runner-up submissions that did not make it into the book would be published in this special issue of TDM.

Read the articles and foreword here

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