Summary of the first GAR Live Stockholm

GAR Live was held for the first time in Stockholm on Friday 8 April. The day held many open and interesting discussions on fast-track arbitration, appointment of arbitrators, the role of counsel, and the view of witnesses and evidence, and more. One of the highlights was the debate on witness statements, between, among others, John Fellas and Patricia Shaughnessy.

The GAR Live Stockholm program was put together by the conference chairs James Hope from Vinge, and James Ragnwaldh from Mannheimer Swartling, in consultation with GAR. The audience consisted of experiences arbitrators, corporate lawyers and counsels as well as students. The first session addressed fast track arbitration, and was moderated by Bo G H Nilsson. SCC legal counsel Anja Håvedal Ipp shared the institutional perspective on this time and cost-saving tool and procedure that the SCC has worked successfully with since 1995. The others speakers in this panels were Magnus Bernro, Tanja Jussila and William McKechnie.

James Hope and Jacob Ragnwaldh then led a Tylney Hall symposium, where the audience was invited to submit their own questions. Topics raised and discussed included questions on witnesses and evidence, ideas on how to make the process both time and cost efficient, as well as questions on challenges to arbitrators.

After the lunch break, SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson gave a highly appreciated speech on the theme Why Arbitration Matters. In her speech, Ms. Magnusson underlined the importance of international arbitration for international trade and global economic growth, as well as for the peaceful resolution of conflicts between countries.

Read the full speech here:

Annette Magnusson GAR Live Keynote speech 8 April 2016

Michael Moser led the third session with Kaj Hobér, Jean Kalicki, Peter Leaver QC and Carita Wallgren-Lindholm. In a very interesting conversation, the speakers discussed their views of counsel, the composition of tribunals, and evaluation of witnesses, among other things.

The final session was an entertaining Oxford-style debate between Christer Danielsson and John Fellas against Stephen Jagusch QC and Patricia Shaughnessy on the topic "Witness statements waste costs and time, and they should be abolished ". The debate was moderated by Klaus Reichert SC and were decided by a tribunal consisting of Martin Wallin, Mattias Rosengren and Kristoffer Löf.

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Program GAR Live Stockholm 2016

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