SCC to IBA Arbitration Day and Shanghai Arbitration Forum

East/west disputes, developments of the SCC rules and changes in international arbitration are some of the topics that SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson will address at the IBA International Arbitration Day on 3 March and at the Shanghai International Arbitration Forum on 6 March. SCC will also arrange a breakfast lecture on how to avoid costly disputes in Shanghai on 8 March, .

“The Future of International Arbitration” is the theme of the 19th Annual IBA International Arbitration Day taking place 3 - 4 March in Shanghai. Annette Magnusson will speak on the fourth section, focusing on East/West investment arbitration, institutional support, key points for involvement and what lies ahead.

Program - IBA International Arbitration Day

A few days later, on 6 March, Ms. Magnusson will speak in the first session at the Shanghai International Arbitration Forum on the topic “Turning Point of International Arbitration”.

Program - Shanghai International Arbitration Forum

The third event in China will be a Chamber Breakfast, jointly organized by the SCC, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, and Mannheimer Swartling, on 8 March.  Together with Mr. Jakob Ragnwaldh, Partner with Mannheimer Swartling, the Secretary General will share their experience and best practice on how to avoid future costly disputes when drafting a commercial agreement or designing an arbitration clause.

More information and Registration – Chamber Breakfast

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