SCC, IBA, ICC and PCA to hold Climate conference in Stockholm

David Rivkin and Johan L. Kuylenstierna are two of the distinguished speakers when the SCC, IBA, ICC and PCA invites to the climate change event “Bridging the Climate Change Policy Gap - The Role of International Law and Arbitration”, on 21 November in Stockholm.

The Paris Agreement is seen as a major success in global climate change negotiations. Among other things, it recognized that meeting the climate goals will require huge investments. But did the Agreement provide clear and direct provisions on how to generate and support these investments?

During thus one-day event, the following questions will be brought up for discussion: How can we fulfil the promise of Paris? What place has international law in generating and supporting green investments? And could international arbitration be used to safeguard investments and enforce global climate change mitigation goals?

Speakers represent governments, green technology industry, academics and legal experts, and include:

- Johan L. Kuylenstierna, CEO, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

- Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation

- Prof. Catherine Redgwell, University of Oxford

- David W. Rivkin, President, International Bar Association (IBA)

- Maria Rankka, CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

- Daniel Radov, Associate Director, NERA Economic Consulting

Registration opens in August. For more information, please contact Andrina Sukma,

Date: 21 November 2016

Venue: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Brunnsgatan 2, Stockholm

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