New SCC report on apportionment of costs

It is well known that the predictability of costs is a very important aspect for the parties involved in arbitration. A new report on the subject, prepared by SCC legal counsel Celeste Salinas Quero, has just been published on the SCC website.

The predictability of the costs that a party may incur in an arbitration, as well as the predictability of the recoverability of these costs is a major concern for parties to an arbitration. To address this concern as well as to increase transparency of SCC practice, SCC Legal Counsel Celeste E. Salinas Quero has prepared a report focusing on the costs of commercial arbitrations and the manner in which SCC tribunals apportion these costs on the basis of the outcome of the case. The report describes also how party conduct influences both the tribunal’s apportionment decisions and the recoverability of costs.

The report also recounts the size of disputes, their length and the nationality of the arbitrators deciding these disputes.

Read the report: “Costs of arbitration and apportionment of costs under the SCC Rules”

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