New SCC book released

The new publication Arbitrating for Peace: How Arbitration Made a Difference, provides a context to the current debate on arbitration's role in international relations, and describes how arbitration has been used for decades to peacefully resolve international conflicts. The book, with a foreword by Kofi Annan, is now published and can be ordered through Wolters Kluwer.

The idea and concept for Arbitrating for Peace - How Arbitration Made a Difference, was initiated by the SCC, and the book will be officially launched on 20 January 2017 in connection with the SCC Centennial.

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About the book
Arbitration for Peace places arbitration in a wider historical context, thereby making the subject accessible beyond the narrow circle of specialists without losing its legal relevance. The book contributes to a continued dynamic development of dispute resolution in complicated or sensitive geopolitical contexts, and demonstrates how arbitration has and can continue to play an important role for international relations. Each chapter is devoted to different international landmark arbitration cases – primarily state-to-state but also including commercial disputes with geopolitical dimensions – and represents how arbitration has resolved disputes in cases regarding for example potential escalation of armed conflict, investor-state relations, expropriation of foreign companies, environmental issues, and migrants’ access and protection, and more.

Order the book through Wolters Kluwer

Editors and Contributors
Arbitrating for Peace is published by Wolters Kluwer, and has been edited by Ulf Franke, Annette Magnusson and Joel Dahlquist.

The foreword is written by Kofi Annan, and the different chapters are authored by:

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