New article: The revision of the Swedish Arbitration Act

SCC legal counsel Natalia Petrik discusses key legislative proposals to the Swedish Arbitration Act in the article recently published in the Russian legal journal International Commercial Arbitration Review.

The article provides an overview of suggested revisions to the SAA related to the conduct of arbitral proceedings. In particular, it focuses on the issues of special importance for international disputes and parties, such as applicable law, arbitral interim measures, appointment of arbitrators in multi-party arbitration. Additionally, the article presents analysis of the forthcoming changes in the court proceedings related to arbitration. Among those, a new order for challenging jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals in courts, new procedural rules for challenging arbitral awards and the fees of arbitrators.

The bill is currently under the review of the Ministry of Justice. 

International Соmmercial Arbitration Review is the only Russian specialized journal dedicated to the problems of international commercial and investment arbitration in Russia and abroad. 

ICA Reviews mission is: "To be a reliable source of interesting and helpful information about international commercial and investment arbitration; contribute to development of international arbitration as an alternative form of resolution of international commercial disputes." 

Read the article (in Russian)

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