Many comments on the draft SCC Rules

Yesterday, The SCC Rules Revision Committee held an open hearing to present and discuss the draft rules along with the comments that were received during the consultation period. Many participants took the opportunity to share their views upon the suggested changes, and some topics generated extra attention.

The hearing was led by the Chairperson of the Commission for the Revision of the SCC Rules Jakob Ragnwaldh, and SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson.

After a welcome remark by SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson, Jakob Ragnwaldh described for the audience the objectives of the rules revision and the work of the Committee, before moving on to discuss the main changes suggested for the Arbitration Rules.

The discussions focused mostly on joinder, multiple contracts and consolidation; the first two being novelties for the SCC Rules, and consolidation being broadened in comparison with the existing provision on consolidation.

An important novelty that caught the attention of the participants was the suggestion to regulate administrative secretaries, and to introduce a summary procedure as a tool to assist the tribunal to manage the case.

The possibility to introduce security for costs was also lively discussed by the audience.

Kristin Campbell Wilson highlighted some of the amendments suggested for the Rules for Expedited Arbitrations, which include frontloading the case by making the request for arbitration and the answer, to constitute the statement of claim and statement of defense.

There is also a suggestion to codify the possibility to transfer the case from the Expedited Rules to the Arbitration Rules.

The new rules will enter into force in January 2017, in connection with the SCC's centennial anniversary.

More information and links to the draft rules


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