Invitation to discuss the draft SCC Rules in China 17-19 May 2016

The SCC invites you to meet with representatives of the SCC Rules Revision Committee to discuss the ongoing revision of the SCC Rules in three cities in China between 17-19 May 2016.

Please join us for a presentation and discussion of the proposed changes to the arbitration rules of the SCC. Topics that will be addressed include:

- summary procedure

- multi-party/multi-contract disputes

- investment treaty arbitration; and

- making the expedited procedure even more efficient

The discussion will be led by the chairman of the Rules Revision Committee Jakob Ragnwaldh (Mannheimer Swartling), together with the SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson

Invitation to Hong Kong 17 May 2016 

Invitation to Shanghai 18 May 2016 

Invitation to Beijing 19 May 2016

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