Investor-state update from the SCC

In 2015, the SCC saw more new investor-state disputes in one year than in any previous year. As of 31 December 2015, 17 cases were pending before the SCC under the Energy Charter Treaty, or under a Bilateral Investment Treaty.

Since the first case in 1993, a total of 85 investor-state cases have been filed before the SCC. A majority of the cases (62 cases) have been filed under the SCC Rules. In addition, the SCC is the designated appointing authority under the UNCITRAL Rules in many Bilateral Investment Treaties, and therefore handles investor-state cases in this capacity.

Investors in SCC investor-state cases represent a total of 23 different nationalities. Russian (15 cases) as the most common investor nationality, followed by German (13 cases), Dutch (10 cases), and English (9 cases).

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