Harmonisation between arbitration and business: SCC in Iran

Can efficient dispute resolution lead to better business? On 9 November, the SCC and TRAC holds a joint event in Tehran, focusing on the alignment of international arbitration with international business.

The opening remarks will be made by SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson, and Oveis Rezvanian, Director at Teheran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC).

The first session will revolve around the relation between efficient dispute resolution and better business. It will reflect upon some of the important features in international arbitration, i.e. arbitral forum shopping, appointment of arbitrators, seat of arbitration, and applicable law. Speakers are Maria Nisell, Senior Counsel at Magnusson Law, and Mojtaba Kazazi, Member of TRAC Arbitration Board. The discussion will be moderated by SCC Honorary Chairman Ulf Franke.

Following this, Fredrik Andersson, Partner with Mannheimer Swartling, Göteborg, and Prof. Laya Joneidi, Professor of Law at Tehran University, will discuss innovation in arbitration for complex business environments. This includes emergency arbitrator proceedings, summary proceedings and fast-track arbitration. Moderator in this final session will be Senior Legal Counsel at TRAC, Adineh Abghari.

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