Great interest in the FAI/SCC seminar in Helsinki

Yesterday, some 80 people attended the first of two morning seminars on arbitration in Finland and Sweden, jointly organized by the FAI and SCC. Next seminar will take place 16 February in Stockholm.

The seminar held at the Kämp Hotel in Helsinki provided interesting insights into the approaches of the two institutions. This morning, the SCC was represented by Secretary General Annette Magnusson and Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell Wilson, who in their presentation primarily focused on experience with and features of emergency arbitrator, as well as topical issues in Swedish and SCC arbitration. 

FAI Secretary General Heidi Merikalla-Teir and FAI Chairperson Mika Savola, in turn, shared among other things their experience with the 2013 FAI Arbitration Rules, including FAI practice and determination of arbitrators’ fee, as well as upcoming arbitration activities and topical issues in Finnish arbitration.

It is the first time that the SCC and FAI arrange these kind of events together, and next seminar will take place 16 February in Stockholm.

Read more and register for the Stockholm seminar here


Photo: Pasi Murto


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