FAI and SCC Breakfast follow-up: Speaker presentations

On 16 February, the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI) and the SCC held a joint morning seminar on arbitration in Finland and Sweden. The speakers addressed the FAI Arbitration Rules and practice, and features of the SCC emergency arbitrator, statistics, and general SCC practice. Learn more in the presentations shared below.

The first of the two joint seminars was held in Helsinki on 21 January. Find out more here.

The Stockholm seminar on 16 February was opened by Secretary General Annette Magnusson who shared information on upcoming events, and commented on the latest SCC statistics for 2015. Later, SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campell-Wilson presented SCC's general practice and the features of emergency arbitrator.  

Like in Helsinki, FAI Secretary General Heidi Merikalla-Teir and FAI Chairperson Mika Savola presented, among other things, their experience with the 2013 FAI Arbitration Rules, including FAI practice and determination of arbitrators’ fee, as well as upcoming arbitration activities and topical issues in Finnish arbitration.

View the presentation material here:

SCC: Six years of emergency arbitrator proceedings under the SCC Rules

FAI: Topical Issues

FAI:Experience with the 2013 FAI Rules

FAI: Revision of the Finnish Arbitration Act

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