Diversity and Sustainability on the agenda in Nairobi

The USD 2.5 billion investment gap in developing countries needed to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) agreed last year in New York was the focus of the World Investment Forum 2016, recently concluded in Nairobi. The Forum formed part of the 14th session of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

More than 5,000 delegates from 149 different countries attended the World Investment Forum, including the SCC through Legal Counsel Sukma Dwi Andrina.

Delegates voiced concerns regarding issues hampering trade and investment, including absence of long-lasting policy, lack of infrastructure, and difficulties for female entrepreneurs to participate in trade and investment.

The SCC continues to be active in promoting sustainability and gender equality, including initiating a project on aligning international arbitration with a sustainable future and promoting more active participation of female lawyers in international arbitration.

Ms. Andrina contributed at the High-Level IIA Conference where reform of international investment agreement (IIA) to support sustainable development agenda was specifically discussed.

Read SCC statement for the World Investment Forum here. 

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