Arbitration from an in-house perspective - SCC at London conference

SCC legal counsel Natalia Petrik spoke at the conference "International Arbitration: The In-House Counsel’s Perspective" in London 18 March. The conference focused upon the opportunities and challenges associated with modern arbitration from the perspective of in-house counsel, for identifying and assessing the tools available to maximize efficiency.

The conference's starting point was that as the arbitration process has become more complex, picking the right arbitral institution, outside counsel or arbitrators, and managing the process, time and costs as well as expectations from within the business, has become more essential than ever for in-house lawyers.

Natalia Petrik spoke on the topic of enforcement of arbitral awards, specifically addressing statutory and non-statutory obstacles, impact of supranational laws on the possibility to enforce, and shared some statistics on enforcement.

Conference program

The conference was jointly organised by Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Europé, Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), Corporate Counsel International Arbitration Group (CCIAG), International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR), and sponsored and hosted by London office of CMS.

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