A view on Nordic dispute resolution

For the fourth time since 2010, the Roschier Disputes Index was published earlier this month. The Index examines central issues of commercial dispute resolution through in-depth interviews with general counsel and in-house counsel from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The 143 companies participating in the survey gave their view on dispute resolution choices, shared experiences from actual disputes and discussed trends and dispute management.

According to the report, arbitration is the preferred dispute resolution method in all countries surveyed, and the majority of the respondents’ prefer the SCC Rules.

“The SCC Rules receive praise for their simplicity, flexibility and good reputation” the report concludes. In addition, the SCC Rules are seen as “modern (yet reliable and predictable)” and “the appointed arbitrators skilled.”

    - We are of course very proud of the high level of trust in SCC practice and procedures as demonstrated by 
       the result of the Roschier Disputes Index, says SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

    - The success of the SCC stems from a combination of good work done by the SCC, and by the arbitrators in
      SCC cases. 

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