2015 in numbers – SCC Statistics released

2015 proved to be another strong year for SCC with 181 administered cases which is the sixth highest result ever since the SCC was founded in 1917. 2015 was once again a record year for investment treaty disputes with 12 investor treaty cases being administered under the SCC Rules.

Out of the 181 cases, 43 % were Swedish and 57 % international, which clearly evidence the strong position of the SCC as a preferred venue for dispute resolution among both the Swedish and the international business community. Compared to 2014, the share of international cases increased by 6 percentage points.

The statistics also shows, for example, nationalities of the parties, subject matter of the disputes, the applicable rules, and the time for rendering of an award. Statistics for emergency arbitration, and separate statistics for the investment disputes for 2015, are also available.

SCC Statistics 2015  

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