Virtual Arbitration – Undesirable or Inevitable?

SCC Deputy Secretary General, Kristin Campbell-Wilson, will take part in the first multi-location arbitration conference ever on 11 June. The conference is powered by Cisco Telepresence and will include participants from 25 different locations across 15 time zones.

The topic to be discussed is “The Virtual Arbitration: Undesirable or Inevitable (or both)?” and will explore whether and how arbitrations with parties, counsel, and arbitrators in different locations can be conducted, using high-resolution video conferencing and other new technology.

The conference will include a mock cross-examination before an arbitral tribunal, with arbitrators, counsel and witness spread across 13 time zones. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the technological, practical, and ethical considerations involved in conducting remote arbitrations. 

Among the issues to be tested and discussed are:

Registration is open until 8 June and can be accessed via the following link

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