The first year with the new SCC Mediation Rules

It has now been one year since the new SCC Mediation Rules entered into force on 1 January 2014. The Mediation Rules enables speedy and cost-efficient dispute resolution for parties who wish to resolve their disputes amicably.

Throughout the year the SCC has had an increased focus on mediation by organizing several seminars and training opportunities.

In May 2014, the SCC organized two seminars on the advantages of mediation were the invited speakers shared their experiences on using mediation as a conflict resolution tool in Sweden and internationally.

In January 2015, the SCC and the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce organized the renowned CEDR Mediation Training Program. Under the guidance of leading mediator trainers the participants got to enhance their negotiation and conflict management skills in order to manage and settle disputes efficiently.

The SCC also participated in the Energy Charter Secretariat's training program on investment disputes and mediation in November 2014.

Mediation at the SCC

Mediation is an informal, confidential, and flexible dispute resolution method where a neutral third person helps the parties reach a voluntary resolution of their dispute.

Parties often continue to co-operate after the closure of a successful SCC mediation procedure. This illustrates the great advantage of mediation compared with litigation. 

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