The evolution and future of international arbitration: the next 30 years

The SIA 30th Anniversary Conference will take place on 19-21 April in London and will serve as a platform for discussion, critical thinking and reflection about future development in international arbitration.

SCC Vice Chairperson Dr. Patricia Shaughnessy will be participating in the conference and lead a discussion on teaching and research in arbitration.

SCC Board Member Natalie Voser will be commentating during the panel discussion “Parties in Arbitration: Consent v. Commercial Reality”.

Dr Mohamed Abdel Raouf, also a member of the SCC Board, will be speaking about the distribution of power, diversity and imbalances in international arbitration.

More information about the conference here

The School of International Arbitration (SIA) is a centre of research and teaching in international arbitration and is part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London.

More information about SIA and Queen Mary University of London here.

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